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I’ve been an APIOPA CSA member for about 2 years. In that time, I’ve had a number of new experiences. For example, I’ve gotten to cook with some vegetables for the first time. Do you know what kohlrabi is? It kind of looks like the little green, 3-eyed, alien in Toy Story, and it has a unique flavor that matches its looks. I’m now a fan, but I had never even heard of the vegetable before I joined the CSA. If you like broccoli, you might be a fan of kohlrabi, too.

My usual method of cooking vegetables is to stir fry them. But because I sometimes get more vegetables from the CSA than I want to stir fry, I’ve ventured beyond my usual. I’ve even turned on the oven. For the first time, I made kale chips, and I baked zucchini bread. (FYI, I reduced the oil in the bread and added applesauce and yogurt). I’m not claiming that everything has been a success. I ended up with a disgusting dish when I tried to temper bitter melon with candied ginger. But I’m having fun experimenting and am looking forward to pickling daikon for the first time.

When I signed up for the CSA, I thought I was just signing up for a convenient way to get fresh produce. If that were all I got, I’d be getting a good deal. But I also got a welcome surprise. I never expected the CSA to be so fun and lead me to so many new experiences. Thanks APIOPA.

– Deanna Kitamura

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