Know Your Farmer

Padao Farms was founded in 1985 by Seng Yang and his wife, Padao Yang. Yang and his wife were refugees of the Vietnam War. Like many other refugees, they farmed as a way of life in the mountains of Southeast Asia. Due to little knowledge about America, they resorted to farming as way to make a living in the new country. From growing tomatoes on small plots of land to 40 acres of lemon grass, farming was a way of life and the means to raising their family.

With the passing of Mr. Yang, Padao Farms is now run by his wife and three sons.  The farm operates in Fresno, CA on 14 acres of land which they use for production of various produce to meet the needs of their customers throughout California, including Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Padao Farms practices sustainable farming methods to ensure the quality and long term maintenance of the land. Much of the produce grown on the farm came from recycled seeds or non-GMO seeds from local nurseries. All produce is pesticide free and grown on arable land with organic fertilizers.

Long Beach CSA – The Growing Experience

The Growing Experience (TGE) is a 7-acre urban farm located in North Long Beach, California, within the Carmelitos public housing development, which is operated by the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles.  TGE is a resource serving the residents of Carmelitos as well as the greater Los Angeles-Long Beach community. Programs and activities showcase environmental sustainability, including urban agriculture for the creation of a local food system, water/resource conservation, and research/implementation of new technologies to increase productivity.

Orange County CSA – Yao Cheng Farms

In 1990 David Chang along with his family started Yao Cheng Farms in Irwin, California. Now Yao Cheng Farms operates 30 acres of land in Camarillo, California. When asked why he choose to farm he said, “This is what I enjoy doing. I believe that farming is healthy for the mind and the body. I have done this for a long time and have made so many connections throughout the years with my customers. Everything that I grow is organic and I make sure they are beautiful.” David believes in giving back to the community and is excited to be part of the Community Supported Agriculture program. Yao Cheng Farms is at the Tustin Farmers Market on Wednesday, the Orange County Farmers Market at the OC fair Grounds on Thursday, and the Laguna Beach Farmers Market on Saturdays.